Product Details

SKS-580CGP/CGN Clean Hot Air

  • Model:SKS580CGP/CGN

Product Introduction

Clean Hot Air For Ready-To-Eat Products

•Clean hot air. LPG or LNG.

•Clean hot air for ready-to-eat grains, fruits and vegetables.

•You can choose single layer or double layer depending on particle size.


Single layer

Polished rice, brown rice, coffee beans, cocoa beans, black soybeans,red beans, mung beans, soybeans, red lentil, maize, sesame, chia seeds, rapeseed, camellia seeds, cassia seeds, mustard seeds, wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat, malt, sorghum, highland barley, red quinoa, pearl barley, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, garlic chives, carrot, radish, calabash, bamboo shoot, sliced green onion, sliced garlic, white wood ear, black wood ear, orange daylily, burdock, hard bean curd, pineapple, mandarin orange, cherry tomato, date, date palm, cranberry, jackfruit, berry, pomelo peels, chenpi, grape seed, raspberry, plum, pepper, basil, chili, fennel, saffron, vanilla, cardamom, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, lotus seed, peanut without shell, sacha inchi, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black melon seed, melon seeds, acorn, chestnut, candlenut, rose, osmanthus, chrysanthemum flower, toona sinensis, lemon leaf, rice dumplings leaves, lotus leave, mint, agar, kelp, red algae, sea weed, gelidium, fried shrimflatcake, paeonia suffrticosa, poppy chell, clove, honeysuckle, weeping forsythia, hawthorn, yam, goji berry, herbal medicine, five leaf gynostemia, ashitaba, European verbena, dandelion and etc.

Double layers

Purging croton, lablab, turmeric, maca, paperwhite, hyacinth, olive, casimiroa, agave fruit, walnut, jujube red date, date plum, monk fruit, common fig, plum, beetle nut, sweet pepper, water chestnut, eggplant, bamboo shoot, salted vegetable, vanilla bean, lemongrass, tulip stem, chamomile, star anise, jasmine, roselle, chinese torella, huangjing, hawthorn, ginger, angelica sinensis, dried apricot , licorice, wolfiporia extensa, milkvetch, apricot kernel, notoginseng, crow-dipper, malva nut, kudzu root, deer antler slice, red ginseng, ginseng, green foxtail, yam, lilium spp, rambutan, bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae, cepa, fritillaria, prunella vulgaris, huanglian, baizhu, gastrodia elata, eucommia ulmoides, heshouwu , red paeony root, chuanxiong, desert-broomrape, indigowoad root, wu chia pi, houttuynia cordata , chinese fevervine, mulberry twig and etc.


Product Remark

‧Due to variation in products and foods, moisture content, climate and required drying temperature, please consult with local authorities for drying techniques and conduct drying test. Start mass production after confirmation of quality.

‧The specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.

‧Reference thermal energy value of LPG: 11,000Kcal/kg or 22,000Kcal/m³.

‧Gas pipes shall be prepared by the buyer and shall be installed by certified professionals to meet local national standards.

‧The density, composition and pressure of NG vary at different locations. Ex: 8,900Kcal/m³ in Taiwan, 11,000Kcal/m³ in Japan, 8,400Kcal/m³ in Sichuan, China.