About us

SUNCUE, established in 1966, exported to more than 50+ countries around the world. Suncue has been continuously inventing pioneered drying technology over the past 50 years. Pursuing lowest drying cost, producing highest quality grain, providing greatest benefit to farmers. Professional use design, high durability, simple operation, easy management. Using discarded resources such as husk, wood chips and corn cobs. Cost saving and environmentally friendly.

SUNCUE drying complex with low temperature, fully-automatic control system, and speedy drying technology, thousands of tons of grains can be managed by a single operator every day. By applying SUNCUE’s even, low temperature, and speedy drying techniques, grain quality and germination rate also can be enhanced to generate benefit and revenue.

SUNCUE rice husk furnace is exclusively passing not only performance testing but also air pollution testing in Japan and Taiwan, without using a smoke filtering system. SUNCUE rice husk furnace is with the patent “complete combustion” technology and husk from 1 ton of wet paddy can dry 3 tons of wet paddy, this triples the efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly: SB-130 furnace can save up to 640,000 liter of diesel every year. CO2 emission of diesel based on 2.7 kg per liter.

Energy Saving: The drying cost of SUNCUE Rice husk furnace dryer is only about 25% of diesel type. Calculation based on diesel price INR 55 / liter and husk price INR 4/kg.

CO2 Reduction: Paddy husk is a biomass fuel, and its CO2 net emission is zero. One set of SB-130 can reduce up to about 1,726 tons of CO2 emission every year.

Earth Care: CO2 emission reduction by each SB-130 is equivalent to about 86 hectares of forest every year.