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BB 18 Biomass Furnace

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BB-18 Biomass Furnace

•No Diesel needed, energy saving, reducing CO2 emission

•Reducing drying cost dramatically.

•Various types of biomass fuels can be consumed.

•Low drying cost and free from high oil price.

•Biomass fuel:Paddy husk‧Pressed straw bricks‧Corn cob‧Coconut shell‧Wood chip‧Coffee hull 

High installation flexibility. Biomass Furnace BB-18 is able to be attached to different dryer models. 


Product Remark

‧The provided specifications and graph are solely for reference. The actual specifications of SUNCUE products will be as per the Sales Confirmation signed by customers and the products delivered.

‧The models SUPER-300-240B and SUPER-300B are designed exclusively for drying paddy and wheat seeds.

‧The maximum thermal energy, husk consumption, and ash production listed are indicative only. The actual figures may vary based on the variety, moisture content, and level of impurities.

‧Specifications for pressed straw bricks include: ①Moisture content below 13%. ②Thermal energy between 3,700 and 4,200 Kcal/kg. ③Minimal dust content.

‧The numbers and drying rates provided are based on the reduction of moisture in paddy from 26% to 15% and are intended for reference only. Actual performance may differ due to variations in ambient temperature, relative humidity, grain varieties, hot air temperature, and moisture content before and after drying.