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SKS-480D Direct Hot Air

  • Model:SKS480D

About this product

Ventilating Grain Dryer-Direct Hot Air

•Multi-purpose direct hot air.

•Multi-purpose dryers for drying to-be-processed products.

•You can choose single layer or double layer depending on particle size .


Single layer

Paddy, paddy seeds, chickpea, calavance, bare wheat, buckwheat, golden buckwheat, fagopyrum dibotrys seeds, longan, litchi, pineapple stem, cassava chip, peanut, fennel seeds, gardenia, gorgon nut, nutmeg, tsaoko, clove, malva nut, western soapberry, dendrobium nobile, juniper berry, brazil nut, cashew nut, sterculia monosperma, hazelnut,kola nut, almond, apricot, sweet almonds, watermelon seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, unflower seeds, cabbage seeds, arugula seeds, zucchini seeds, cherry tomato seeds, rosemary seeds, berry seeds, chilli seeds, parsley seeds, rapeseed, gherkin seeds, grass seeds, common rush, mugwort, agarwood, flax, bulrush, gramineus bamboo, ebony, arbor, makino bamboo furniture, bamboo, camphor, cotton, cotton seed, coconut fiber, goose down, duck feather, mosquito repellent incense, chopsticks, wooden products, animal feed, bamboo mat, rattan products, organic fertilizer and etc.

Double layers

Peanut, cassava, potato, sweet potato, bottle gourd, onion, red onion, garlic, maize seed, longan, lichi, loquat, pomegrarate, nutmeg, brazil nut, walnut, ginkgo, water caltrop, chinese chestnut, pistachio, hazelnut, cashew nut, monk fruit, macadamia, almond, pecan, tamarind, rhodiola, american honeylocust, platycodon,african oil palm shell, coconut shell, melon, wood, wood pearl, rattan, indian sandalwood, longan wood, incense, grass roll, feather, reusable plastic chip, plastic pellets and etc.


Product Remark

‧Due to variation in products and foods, moisture content, climate and required drying temperature, please consult with local authorities for drying techniques and conduct drying test. Start mass production after confirmation of quality.

‧The specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.

‧Reference thermal energy value of LPG: 11,000Kcal/kg or 22,000Kcal/m³.

‧Gas pipes shall be prepared by the buyer and shall be installed by certified professionals to meet local national standards.

‧The density, composition and pressure of NG vary at different locations. Ex: 8,900Kcal/m³ in Taiwan, 11,000Kcal/m³ in Japan, 8,400Kcal/m³ in Sichuan, China.