Product Details

SUPER-60 Circulating Grain Dryer

  • Model:SUPER-60

About this product

•Low-temperature, even and speedy drying minimizes broken rice, raises milling rate and produces beautiful rice.

•The entire dryer is designed to be strong and sturdy, making it suitable for heavy-duty.

•With foolproof design, users can produce high-quality rice from the 1st, 100th to 1000th batch. Small-package rice consistent in quality will be available to customers.

•Automatic moisture control prevents over-drying and weight loss.

•By using self-milled free rice husk, users no longer need to spend on diesel, natural gas or electricty as dryers' heat sources.






Product Remark

‧Due to variation in products and foods, moisture content, climate and required drying temperature, please consult with local authorities for drying techniques and conduct drying test. Start mass production after confirmation of quality.

‧The specification and graph is for reference only. Actual specification of SUNCUE product shall be based on the Sales Confirmation which customers sign and delivered products.

‧Reference thermal energy value of LPG: 11,000Kcal/kg or 22,000Kcal/m³.

‧Gas pipes shall be prepared by the buyer and shall be installed by certified professionals to meet local national standards.

‧The density, composition and pressure of NG vary at different locations. Ex: 8,900Kcal/m³ in Taiwan, 11,000Kcal/m³ in Japan, 8,400Kcal/m³ in Sichuan, China.